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How bike riders can help themselves and others Share the Road

Illustration of an road intersection, top-view, whith a bike rider and an arrow indicating that a hook turn is being made from the left hand lane to the right

Choose your route thoughtfully

Rather than using main roads, consider taking back streets as they can be quieter and more pleasant to ride along.

Illustration of an road intersection, top-view, whith a bike rider and an arrow indicating that a hook turn is being made from the left hand lane to the right

Hook turns

Doing a hook turn at an intersection is a safer way for bikes to turn right while keeping the way clear for other road users (unless posted otherwise).

Illustration of two eyes looking in to the distance

Be aware

Always check and scan the road so that you know what's going on, particularly at intersections, roundabouts and when crossing slip lanes. Be sure to indicate your direction of travel.

Illustration of a road stop sign

Obey the rules

As a fellow road user, bike riders are governed by the same rules as other vehicles, including stopping at all red traffic lights and stop signs.

Illustration of a no symbol over a pair of headphones

Steer clear of distractions

Keep your mobile phone hands-free and cycle unplugged so that you're aware of your surroundings.

Illustration of bike handlebars with an illuminated torch attached

Stay visible

You can often disappear in the blind spots of larger vehicles and are trickier to see at night. Smart positioning on the road, lights and reflective gear are a must.

Illustration of a bike rider with a helmet making a turning hand gesture

Use hand signals

To keep other road users in the know, use clear hand signals to indicate your next move.

Illustration of a bike rider safely sharing a footpath crowded with pedestrians

Sharing is caring

On shared paths bike riders must give way to pedestrians. Slow down, let them know you're there, and pass by with plenty of room.

Illustration of an open hand


A friendly wave is a simple and effective way to make connections on the road and say thanks.

How other road users can help bike riders Share the Road

Make room

Give bike riders the space they need. They can often find themselves without a designated bike lane so make their journey happier by waiting patiently until you have enough room to pass instead of squeezing by.

Watch out

Check for bikes at intersections. When you’re turning right, watch and wait for a suitable gap in oncoming traffic (including bike traffic). When parking, look behind you for bikes before opening your door. Also keep an eye out when crossing a road, bike path or shared path on foot, bikes can be quiet and you won’t always hear them coming.

Keep a look out

Drivers can enter an on-road bike lane for a short distance (up to 50m) to turn or park but must give way to bike riders when doing so.

Blind spots

Bikes can easily disappear in the blind spots of vehicles, particularly larger ones. Be sure to do a head check before turning or switching lanes, and use your mirrors to check if you are driving a larger vehicle.

Low speed is safe speed

Stay within the speed limit and be extra careful in areas of high bike riding activity. Slower speeds give you more time to observe and react.

How we can all Share the Road

Add some happiness to your travels with these Share the Road tips.

Symbol of legs walking

Share the road

With a little care and patience, there is enough room on our roads to accommodate all modes of transport.

Symbol of two eyes looking around

Heads up

Be sure to keep a wide view of the street and of your surroundings. This applies to pedestrians too.

Symbol of a bike torch light

Be visible

A good set of lights and appropriate clothing are crucial for bike riders and motorcyclists.

Symbol of a car speedometer dial

Don't Rush

Leave with plenty of travel time up your sleeve to avoid getting impatient. Rushing doesn't usually save much time anyway.

Illustration of a water bottle


Did you know close to 80% of the human brain is water? Stay sharp by taking regular sips of H2O.

Illustration of a sandwhich and an apple

Stay energised

Eat before you leave, or pack a snack, to maintain your energy levels.

Symbol of ZZZ

Keep well rested

Fatigue affects concentration and decision making skills, so try to be well rested before you travel.

Symbol of a brian highlighted with a head silloutte

Be in your right mind

However you choose to travel, stay focussed on the road by taking alcohol and drugs out of the equation.

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