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What we've learnt from you

Symbol of a tangle of dark squiggly lines

People are frustrated

Not everyone, but between some bike riders, trucks, motorcycles, car drivers and pedestrians, people are getting a little annoyed with each other.

Symbol with the number two surrounded by motor vehicles and a bike rider

Behaviour comes second

Many road users are putting their urgency to get somewhere over their treatment of others.

Symbol of speech bubbles with angry looking content

Misunderstandings can escalate

We're quick to blame those who don't know all the road rules instead of being patient and forgiving.

Symbol of a car, truck motorcycle, bike rider, and pedestrian

Different risks for different groups

Trucks, motorcyclists, bike riders and pedestrians are all exposed to specific risks on the road.

So how can we all Share the Road?

There are some things you can do to help yourself and others travel happier.

Illustration of a domino

Tap into the domino effect

Your behaviour on the road can have a domino effect on other travellers. Stay cool and collected to encourage others to do the same.

Illustration of an open hand


A wave is a simple and effective way to communicate on the road. Whether it's saying thank you or sorry when you muck up, you'll win friends with this humble gesture.

Illustration of two people with their backs to each other

Nobody's perfect

Don't waste your precious time and energy getting upset over a misunderstanding on the road. Travel happier by accepting that nobody's perfect.

Illustration of musical notes dissipating through the air

Enjoy the journey

Given the vast majority of us are travelling every day, why not savour the sights, the company or some quality time to yourself while you get from A to B.