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How other road users can help motorcyclists Share the Road

Blind spots

Keep an eye out for motorcyclists in your mirrors, at intersections and before changing lanes, and be sure to regularly check your blind spots by doing a head check.


Just because you don't see a motorcycle doesn't mean there isn't one nearby, so use your indicators when changing lanes.


Motorcycles are small, manoeuvrable and can accelerate quickly. You might find them popping up in places you didn't expect.

Keep your distance

Motorcycles and scooters may be smaller but they still need plenty of room. Be sure to leave as much space between you and a motorcyclist as you would for any other driver on the road.

Don't cut in

A motorcyclist can take more distance to brake than a car, especially in wet weather. So to make sure motorcyclists have enough room on the road, don't cut into the space they've left between them and the next vehicle.

How bike riders can help themselves and others Share the Road

Illustration of a motorbike rider in full protective gear on a roadway

Be predictable

Unexpected manoeuvres can startle other road users, so be predictable by planning your journey to know exactly where you're going.

Illustration of a motorcyclist driving safely with other motor vehicles on a roadway

Stay visible

Be aware that other drivers may not see you. Make yourself visible by wearing bright clothes and choosing the right position on the road.

Illustration of a motorbike close up

Keep your distance

Maintain a safe space between you and other vehicles.

Illustration of a side view mirror on a vehicle

Take in the bigger picture

Be alert and take a wide view of the road, scanning ahead, to the side and using your mirrors to avoid the unexpected.

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When it's safe to do so, a friendly wave is a simple and effective way to say thank you and make connections with your fellow road users. Another good way to say thanks is with a nod.

How we can all Share the Road

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Share the road

With a little care and patience, there is enough room on our roads to accommodate all modes of transport.

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Stay energised

Maintaining your concentration on the road can help you to avoid stressful situations. Stay sharp by having a bite to eat before you get on the road.

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Enjoy the journey

Savour the sights, the company or some quality time to yourself while travelling.

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Did you know close to 80% of the human brain is water? Stay sharp by taking regular sips of H2O.

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Give yourself time

Avoid feeling impatient and putting yourself and others at risk by leaving with plenty of time up your sleeve to arrive at your destination safely. Rushing doesn't usually save much time anyway.

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Stay calm

Anger can lead to dangerous behaviour on the road. Stay calm to help stop tension escalating.

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