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How pedestrians can help themselves and others Share the Road

There are some things pedestrians can do to help others share the road.

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Stay visible

Be aware that road users might not be able to see you. Wear or carry something bright, particularly at night.

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Be aware of turning vehicles

Take note of cars turning into the road you are crossing, even if you’re crossing on a green man.

Illustration of a car waiting at a pedestrian road crossing while sever people cross safely

Choosing a place to cross

Choose a location with good visibility: on a straight section of road, where you can see the oncoming traffic and drivers can see you. Using a pedestrian crossing, traffic signal or pedestrian refuge is ideal.

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Avoid distractions

Stay alert by keeping your eyes on the street and off mobile devices. Unplug your headphones so you're aware of what's going on around you, particularly when crossing the road.

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A friendly wave is a simple and effective way to make connections on the road and say thanks.

How other road users can help pedestrians Share the Road

Low speed is safe speed

Stay within the speed limit and be extra careful in areas of high pedestrian activity. Slower speeds give you more time to observe and react.

Pedestrian crossings

Be sure to give way at pedestrian crossings, particularly when turning left or right through an intersection.

Give way

When turning left or right into any road, drivers and bike riders must give way to pedestrians. This includes slip lanes. Always be aware of crossing pedestrians and patiently give them time to cross.

Shopping strips

Pedestrians can sometimes appear suddenly from between parked cars. Go slow and take extra care in busy areas like shopping strips.

Tram stops

Make sure your vehicle comes to a complete stop behind the tram to allow passengers to safely get on and off at a tram stop.

Sharing is caring

On shared paths, bike riders must give way to pedestrians. Slow down, let them know you’re there and pass by with plenty of room.

Look out

Sometimes road users just don’t see pedestrians, particularly at night – always be on high alert for travellers on foot.

How we can all Share the Road

Add some happiness to your travels with these Share the Road tips.

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Share the road

With a little care and patience, there is enough room on our roads to accommodate all modes of transport.

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Enjoy the journey

Savour the sights, the company or some quality time to yourself while travelling.

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Don't Rush

Leave with plenty of travel time up your sleeve to avoid getting impatient. Rushing doesn't usually save much time anyway.

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Stay energised

Eat before you leave, or pack a snack, to maintain your energy levels.

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Did you know close to 80% of the human brain is water? Stay sharp by taking regular sips of H2O.

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Stay calm

Anger can lead to dangerous behaviour on the road. Stay calm to help stop tension escalating.

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Keep well rested

Fatigue affects concentration and decision making skills, so try to be well rested before you travel.

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Be in your right mind

However you choose to travel, stay focussed on the road by taking alcohol and drugs out of the equation.

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