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How other road users can help truck drivers Share the Road

Be patient

If a truck driver is blocking traffic while reversing a large trailer down a back laneway, why not marvel at their skills instead of getting impatient!

Blind spots

The blind spots that a truck driver has to deal with are the size of an average backyard pool. The rule of thumb is if you can't see the driver's face in their mirrors, they can't see you.

Don't linger

Sitting next to a truck for an extended period of time increases the chance that the driver can't see you. When possible move forward or back into the truck driver's field of vision.


Remember never to overtake a turning truck, including through roundabouts. Some trucks need extra room to turn safely and are legally allowed to do so from an adjacent lane.

Maintain your speed

It's important to maintain your speed if another road user is overtaking you, particularly if that road user is a truck. Keep the peace by letting them pass.

Safe stopping distance

Trucks need significantly more space than other road users to stop safely. That's why it's important that other road users don't cut into the gap a truck has left between them and the vehicle ahead of them.

How truck drivers can help themselves and others Share the Road

Illustration of a truck driving behind a car on a roadway, keeping a safe distance

Keep a safe distance

Other drivers can feel unsafe if you're driving too close. Keep a safe distance to avoid worrying fellow road users.

Illustration of a speed sign with the number 40

Don't speed

Drive at or below the speed limit. Apart from the obvious legal reasons, a speeding truck can also cause angst among other road users.

Illustration of a car, motorcyclist and a bike rider safely sharing the road

Be aware of other vehicles

Keep your focus completely on the road to avoid making last minute decisions that can put other road users at risk.

Illustration of an open hand


As a large vehicle with a job to do, sometimes it's necessary to block the traffic momentarily. Just remember to give other road users a little wave to help minimise tension and say thanks.

Illustration of an road intersection, top-view, whith a bike rider and an arrow indicating that a hook turn is being made from the left hand lane to the right

Avoid the weave

Weaving in and out of traffic to maintain momentum puts others road users at risk and rarely saves you any time. Keep to your lane when possible.

How we can all Share the Road

Add some happiness to your travels with these Share the Road tips.

Symbol of the brain highlight within a human silloutte

Be in your right mind

However you choose to travel, stay focussed on the road by taking alcohol and drugs out of the equation.

Symbol of an eye

Stay focussed

Maintaining your concentration and being mindful of the traffic conditions up ahead can help you to avoid stressful situations.

Symbol of a smiley face

Enjoy the journey

Savour the sights, the company or some quality time to yourself while travelling.

Symbol of a car speedometer dial

Don't rush

Leave with plenty of travel time up your sleeve to avoid getting impatient. Rushing doesn't usually save much time anyway.

Peave symbol

Keep calm

Anger can lead to dangerous behaviour on the road. Stay calm to help stop tension escalating.

Symbol of ZZZ

Rest up

Sleep is essential. Lack of sleep can be fatal when driving. Don't get caught out with not having the quality and quantity of sleep you need.

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