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Transcript of Happy Pledge video

PAUL: G'Day I'm Paul Mercurio, Motorcyclist, Car Driver, Road User and a Share the Road Ambassador. My pledge today is to share the road, not to be selfish..

PERSON 1: To have a positive attitude and to be considerate at all times.

PERSON 2: I'm gonna pledge to wave to each motorist that lets me in or is polite to me on the road.

PERSON 3: I pledge to be

PERSON 4: I pledge

PERSON 5: I pledge

PERSON 6: I pledge

PERSON 7: To always obey traffic rules.

PERSON 8: I pledge not to use the phone when I'm crossing the road.

GROUP 1: We pledge to be aware of our surroundings.

PERSON 9: I pledge to be a more patient driver on the roads and to watch out for motorcyclists more often.

PERSON 10: That I will be more aware of motorcyclists when I take the long road down to Melbourne in my car.

PERSON 11: I pledge to communicate to drivers and to even give them thanks when it's my right of way.

PERSON 12: I pledge when I'm on the roads to keep a safe distance and be aware of what's going on around me.

PERSON 13: When I drive my car, I will look out for motorcyclists and check my mirrors.

PERSON 14: To be a better driver and to have more fun in the car and be happier to the other drivers.

PERSON 15: I pledge to always wait for the green man before I cross the road.

PERSON 16: I pledge to look both ways before crossing the road.

PERSON 17: I pledge to not have my music too loud coming through my headphones when I cross the road.

PERSON 18: I pledge to slow down in school zones.

PERSON 19: I pledge to be a safer driver by looking out for pedestrians and everyone else on the road.

PERSON 20: Watch out for cyclists on Southbank Promenade.

PERSON 21: I pledge to stop at traffic lights. I want to be home safe and I want to get to work safe.

PERSON 22: Looking out for motorcyclists and taking care of them.

PERSON 23: Be more safe on the streets by using less mobile.

PERSON 24: I pledge to not run across the road when the little red man is blinking.

PERSON 25: Come on Melbourne, be safe drivers.

PERSON 26: That's probably the best I've got right now. It is 7 o'clock in the morning.