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Transcript of Share the Road video

VO: Victoria is home to some beautiful roads.

VO: But with more than 5 million people on them every day, things can get a little busy.

VO: This is causing many of us to feel stressed or angry while travelling.

VO: This mood is contagious. It impacts the people around us, so it's about time we changed it.

VO: Share the Road is a long-term initiative to build respect on our roads, and get Victorians from A to B as safely as possible.

VO: It starts with something simple.

VO: Understanding that everyone has the right to travel safely and happily.

VO: And that sometimes it's the little things that matter when you're sharing the road - like courtesy.

VO: After all, everyone makes mistakes and the only behaviour we can change is our own.

VO: There are many people that share our roads; from motorcyclists, bike riders and pedestrians to truck drivers and motorists.

VO: We can all Share the Road by:

VO: Being mindful of other road users.

VO: Avoiding behaviour that makes others feel unsafe.

VO: Promoting mutual respect.

VO: Saying thank you...

VO: Unplugging and making eye contact...

VO: And by simply smiling and giving a wave.

VO: Relax and enjoy your time on our roads, because like we said: they're beautiful.

VO: Whether it's the Great Ocean Road or the Black Spur's bends.

VO: The wide-open Hume, or breezy Beach road.

VO: If we can all share the road and look out for one another, we can all Share the Road.